Monday, July 28, 2014

Top Gear in Racial Smear

 The British communications regulator Ofcom has ruled that a pre-scripted bit on the popular BBC TV show Top Gear was racist. While we're at it, the executive producer's apology wasn't so thoughtful either.

 Top Gear, one of the most popular television shows in the world, showcases a variety of motor vehicles, and pretty much anything else that goes fast. The sometimes controversial show is presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

 During a special episode, which was filmed in Burma and aired in March, the show's hosts were standing on the River Kwai when...well...see for yourself:

 The moment was subtle, but it did garner complaints. Following the incident, the show's producers and hosts apologized. Here was part of the executive producer's statement:

 "When we used the word ‘slope’ in the recent Top Gear Burma Special it was a light-hearted word play joke referencing both the build quality of the bridge and the local Asian man who was crossing it. ...More

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Emma Goes Clepper? WWE Diva Busted

 HARTFORD — A female WWE wrestler was arrested on a shoplifting charge Monday, police said.

 Tenille Dashwood of Winter Park, Fla., was charged with sixth-degree larceny after police say she stole an item from the Wal-Mart store on Flatbush Avenue, police said. The alleged theft was reported to police about 1 p.m.

 Dashwood, whose ring name is "Diva Emma," appeared in community court Tuesday. She was told to perform community service, according to her lawyer, Hubert Santos. When she completes the community service, the charge will be dismissed, Santos said.

 Santos said outside the courtroom that his client's arrest was the result of a mistake. She was using a self-checkout machine at the Hartford Wal-Mart when she bought about $30 of items but forgot to pay for an iPod or iPad case, Santos said.

 Hartford police described the item as a red iHome Slim Swivel iPad mini case valued $21.14.

 The WWE was in Hartford Monday for a show at the XL Center....More

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sterling is Suing Himself, Says NBA Head

 SAN ANTONIO – Donald Sterling's official reign over the Los Angeles Clippers is almost finished, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said on Sunday during his first NBA Finals address.

 Silver said he expects the NBA Board of Governors to vote in Steve Ballmer as the new owner of the Clippers in mid-July or earlier after recently agreeing to a $2 billion purchase of the franchise. On April 29, Silver banned Sterling for life from the NBA, fined him $2.5 million and said the NBA would force a sale of the Clippers after Sterling made derogatory comments about African-Americans. Silver said the holdup is a pending lawsuit Sterling has against the NBA and himself.

 "We're almost there," Silver said.

 "I have absolute confidence it will be resolved because of the sale agreement with Shelly Sterling. She agreed to indemnify the [NBA] against a lawsuit by her husband.

 "So in essence, Donald is suing himself and he knows that. While I understand he is frustrated, I think it's over. I think it's just a matter of time now and then we will move on to better topics and back to the Finals."

 The commissioner also asserted that Shelly Sterling will still be able to attend Clippers games, but will have no other role with the franchise, and there is "absolutely no possibility" that the NBA will rescind its lifetime ban or fine on Donald Sterling...More

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Justin Bieber Accused of Attempted Robbery

 Justin Bieber just can't seem to catch a break.
 The 20-year-old pop star was accused of attempted robbery in Los Angeles for an incident that took place on Monday night at around 10:30 p.m., the Los Angeles Police Department confirms to Yahoo.
 The LAPD is currently investigating the situation and interviewed the victim on Tuesday night.
 The incident reportedly involved an altercation with a woman over a personal cellphone camera at Sherman Oaks Castle Park, a family entertainment center in the San Fernando Valley. According to the Los Angeles Times, Bieber thought the woman was taking pictures of him and then tried to take her phone. The star is not being accused of keeping the phone.
 On Monday evening, Bieber posted a video of himself playing miniature golf on Instagram. "I'm the best mini-putter in the whole world," he says.
 Bieber has not been arrested and is not in police custody, but that could change. However, on Tuesday night, he was spotted in Oklahoma City attending an NBA playoff game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Thunder.  Source

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Seeing Simon and Brickell Down by the Courthouse

(AP) — Paul Simon and his wife, Edie Brickell, were arrested on disorderly conduct charges by officers investigating a family dispute, but the couple held hands in court Monday and said they did not feel threatened by the other.

 Simon told a Norwalk Superior Court judge that he had a rare argument with his wife Saturday night at their home in New Canaan.

 The arrest struck a discordant note for the couple. Simon burst onto the national stage with his former partner Art Garfunkel in the 1960s, adding a gentle voice to the growing chorus of opposition to the Vietnam War. Brickell, meanwhile, gained fame for her songs that blend rock, folk, blues and jazz.

 A caller from the singers' home dialed 911 Saturday night and hung up, police chief Leon Krolikowski said at a news conference Monday. Officers who responded found minor injuries and believed it was a case of domestic violence, he said.

 Simon and Brickell, who have been married for more than two decades, were each given a misdemeanor summons and one of them agreed to leave and go to another location, Krolikowski said.

 "There was aggressiveness on both sides," he said. "They're both victims and they have children involved and we're trying to be very cautious of that." More

Monday, March 31, 2014

Who 'Sabotaged' Arnold?: Latest Film Bombs

 Not even. Sure, his new flick was so dwarfed by the "Noah" marketing blitz that you can be forgiven if you didn't know there was a new Arnold Schwarzenegger movie this weekend. But there was, and "Sabotage," which cost an estimated $35 million to make, earned a mere $5.3 million over the weekend.

 "Arnold has been a box-office bust in the U.S. ever since he came back from his political tour of duty, and even before that his star was steadily falling," says Exhibitor Relations senior box-office analyst Jeff Bock. "'Sabotage' is Arnie's worst debut of his career, when adjusted for inflation. Ouch."

His age isn't helping him either.

"At nearly 70, he's not quite believable as the Action Jackson he once was," Bock says. "Plus, Liam Neeson is getting all the scripts that are actually good, whereas Arnie gets the Z-grade scripts nowadays."

Then again, if you suspect that all translates into retirement for Schwarzenegger, think again. The world doesn't end at the Eastern seaboard — a lucky fact of geography for the Styrian Oak.

"The big money for Arnold is made back on DVD sales overseas," says casting director Bonnie Gillespie, author of "Self-Management for Actors." "He's untouchable."

In fact, Arnie is not only surviving via worldwide sales; he's thriving. His Ulmer Scale rating? A whopping 98, which means that film financiers stand a 98 percent chance of recouping their investment in worldwide upfront sales before a single frame of a movie is even shot...More

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tacky Miley Takes Dig at Katy's Diss Kiss

 After Katy Perry had less than kind words for Miley Cyrus regarding their now infamous kiss at her Bangerz concert in Los Angeles in February, Miley is hitting back where it hurts -- taking a dig at Katy and her reportedly now ex-boyfriend John Mayer.

 It all started with Katy's appearance on Australian talk show Sunrise Tuesday, when she was asked to comment on her and Miley's much-publicized kiss.

 "I just walked up to her to give her like a friendly girly kiss, you know, as girls do, and then she like tried to move her head and go deeper and I pulled away," she said. "God knows where that tongue has been. We don't know! That tongue is so infamous!"

 Not surprisingly, Cyrus wasn't too pleased with her comments, and responded Wednesday.
Clearly, Miley's alluding to the reports that Katy has split with her on-and-off boyfriend -- and notorious serial dater -- John Mayer....More

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fox Bullied into Cutting Satan from Bible Film

 Scenes with an actor who played the devil but looked a lot like President Barack Obama have been edited out of the upcoming movie Son of God, one of the producers told The Hollywood Reporter.
"It gives me great pleasure to tell you that the devil is on the cutting-room floor. This is now a movie about Jesus, the son of God, and the devil gets no more screen time," said Roma Downey, who produced the movie with her husband, Mark Burnett.

 The film, which 20th Century Fox opens on Feb. 28, is primarily a reshaped version of the The Bible, last year's hit TV miniseries that featured actor Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni as Satan.
For Son of God, the 10-hour miniseries needed to be cut down to the two hours or so that focuses on Jesus; Downey says they went out of their way to leave the controversial Satan out of the film.

 A year ago, bloggers immediately noted the similarities between the Satan of The Bible miniseries and Obama and side-by-side comparisons went viral. Burnett, Downey and History, which aired the show, each issued statements supporting the president and slamming those that made the " connection," as History put it, between Obama and Satan....More
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